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Calcudoku, Mathdoku, KenDoku are just some of the names this immensely popular game goes by, though you may know it has Ken Ken. Calcudoku was conceived by a Japanese maths scholar named Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004, with Tetsuya's main purpose in creating this game being that he wanted an instruction free way to train the brain, and judging by Calcudoku success and dexterity I think this goal has been achieved. This game challenges your logic and mathematic skills whist concurrently being an enjoyable fun activity. To discover the method to partake in this innovative puzzle, read on below for a set of clear concise instructions.

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How to play Calcudoku

Upon beginning Calcudoku you will be presented with a grid, with the typical grid being the size of 6 across six down, but it's important to note that there are ken ken puzzles that are 5×5 or even 4×4. Though this sounds quite similar to Sudoku so far unlike Sudoku there are bold lines outlining specific spaces, these are known as cages .Within these cages there will be located a number with a mathematical sign, this information is going to be the way you are going to complete this puzzle and subsequently requires the player to use arithmetic.

With this grid you will now go about solving various mathematic problems with the main objective of the game as a totality being that you fill the grid as a whole with the numbers 1-6, though this may vary according to the size of the grid you are playing on. Each row both horizontal and vertical on this grid will have one of every number located on it. Within each of the boldly outlined cages you will need to place numbers that equate to the digit printed in small print in the space using the mathematical sign that is placed next to that digit. I will now provide a few examples so you fully understand how to complete Calcudoku.

Upon knowing the above information you will be able to tackle a Calcudoku puzzle, listed below are a couple of concluding tips, though it is a game that is wholly about logic remember to have a fun time whilst attempting to complete this puzzle.

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