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Golf Solitaire

Golf is an interesting solitaire card game, where the goal is to remove as many of the cards as possile from play by placing them in the discard pile. Unlike most games when you play golf, you start out with a score of 35, and your goal is to reduce it as close as you can to 0. Each card you can move into the discard pile reduces your score by 1.

Set up

35 cards are dealt into 7 overlapping columns of 5 cards each. All of these cards are turned face up to help you plan out your moves strategically. The remaining 17 cards are placed in a stock pile. At any time you will be able to take a card from the stock pile and place it into the discard pile. Your goal is to move as many cards as you can from these columns into the discard pile.

Game play

At the beginning of the game, you can take any card from the columns and move it into the discard pile, as long as the discard pile is empty. It's usually best to think about which card would be best to move. Golf is played without regard to suit, and you can move any card into the discard pile, as long as the card on the top of the discard pile is one greater than, or one less than the card you want to move. You can also wrap cards from King to Ace.

Dealing from the stock pile

At any point if you get stuck, you can deal a card from the stock pile into the discard pile. This puts a new card on the top of the discard pile, and hopefully helps you to continue moving cards from the columns into the discard pile. You can only do this 17 times, so try to use your stock pile wisely. It is best to carefully consider any move you make, because all of your follow up moves will depend on it.

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