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How to play Janken

Kids and adults alike thoroughly enjoy the game of Janken. Kids use it for a playground activity whereas adults mostly exhibit Janken when in need of sorting out a minor dispute or deciding who is to go first in something. Janken is a hand game that is identical to the western paper, scissors, and rock version.

To begin the game the player starts with a closed hand, in a fist or rock formation. They then move their hand in an up and down motion in a total of three times whilst chanting Saisho wa guu which means first comes the rock. On the third chant the player will call out Janken pon and transform their rock formation into the one they want to compete with. This can be out of three available options. Firstly paper or paa which is represented as an open hand with outstretched fingers. Second, rock or Guu which is mentioned above and lastly scissors or Choki which is a hand with two outstretched fingers made to resemble scissors.

Once all the players have displayed their moves, you can determine who won the round keeping in mind that:

If a draw occurs where two players have the same hand symbol then they call out Aiko desho and on the utterance of sho they again unveil their hand signs.

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