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The puzzle of Kakuro or kakkuro is often viewed by people to be the mathematical counterpart of a crossword, but instead of words needed to fill in the grid this puzzle requires numbers. Kakuro calls on the players logically capabilities more than your arithmetic skills to complete this innovative enigma of a puzzle so if your maths skills are not quite top notch, this puzzle is still undoubtedly for you. It first come existence in Japan, where its popularity was and still is immense, it was invented by a Japanese publication titled Nikoli which has over the years created many math and logic puzzles including the renowned Sudoku. Many actually view this puzzle to be more challenging than Sudoku and subsequently more additive. Kakuro success is far from limited to the islands of japan it has developed an international following, where some English speaking countries call it Cross sums or cross addition.

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How to play Kakuro

When you begin the game a strange looking grid will be presented to you. Though like a crossword puzzle it has black and white squares, however unlike a crossword puzzle some of these squares are not one unified colour. What I mean by this is that it is half white half black, and the collusion of these colures is in a diagonal fashion. The specific size of this grid may fluctuate on size depending on the publication; a typical puzzle goes by 16×16 in size.

In the slashed diagonal boxes there will be a number located within them. This number is your clue of sorts on solving the puzzle. Your task is to position numbers in the square boxes ranging from one through to nine in accordance to the small number clue located in the slashed boxes. This is achieved by formatting a sequence of numbers which will be required to add up to the clue digit. No number should be repeated per individual clue i.e. if the clue turned out to be 6 then you couldn't answer with 3 and 3 but it would be valid to answer with 4 and .Though unlike Sudoku you are allowed to repeat numbers in rows.

With Kakuro it is useful to remember the basic number sequences i.e. what combinations of numbers add equate to a specific number. This will make the puzzle solving quicker and easier with the alternative being that you are constantly throughout the game counting. Also another handy hint is that it is recommended that you answer the clues that only require two numbers, and then you can solely contemplate the more difficult clues that require you to come up with three or more groups of numbers.

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