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Keisuke is a puzzle game that melds logic and arithmetic together to form an additive and original activity. It was created by a Japanese publication titled Nikoli which is a renowned company that centres on puzzle games especially ones pertaining to logic like keisuke. Keisuke is sort of like the number equivalent of the word puzzle the crossword, as you are supplied with a similar grid and have an accompanied list of clues.

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How to play Keisuke

When you begin a new game of Keisuke you will be greeted with a grid that is constructed out of numerous black and white boxes. The black boxes will not be arranged so that they are not orthogonally adjacent to each other whereas the white boxes will be just the opposite, they should be arranged in a single orthogonally arranged area. The white squares are arranged in this fashion so when you are filling in them you don't have to cross over any black squares and so that they intersect in certain locations.

Next to the grid should be a list of numbers of varying values. These numbers will be displayed under a specific direction i.e. down or across. This number will need to be placed in the grid by the player and the direction it is under depicts how it should be positioned.

The numbers need to be placed in a coherent way, and in a way where they fit suitably.

Notes on Keisuke

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