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Playing Reversi

Reversi is a strategy game that is played on a green coloured board between two people. The exact origin of the founding Reversi is quite hazy but for the present version which commonly goes by the name of Othello it is cited to have been invented by a Japanese man named Goro Hasegawa in 1971.

What you need to play

For the game a green Reversi board will be needed which is 8×8 in size. In addition to this 64 small discs will be required, this discs are black on one side and white on the other. Or you can play the online version of the game on this website.

Game play

1. To begin with the two players will need to decide which colour they want to be; black or white. Once this has been decided upon each player places two of their discs in the centre of the board as depicted in the diagram below. This is the most common starting position for Reversi.

2. After this the black playing player goes first with a move. A move consists of trapping your opponent's discs by position your own discs in a way where they are bordered in on each end. This can be done in any direction on a row (horizontal, vertical etc.) when you have trapped a sequence of the opposing discs you subsequently turn over these discs which are now transformed into your colour.

3. Gameplay continues in the method above with the overall aim being to be the player who has the most of their colour on the board at the end of the game. If it comes to your turn in the game and you are unable to place a disc that will trap your challengers than you must forfeit your turn. This can be also applied to the contrasting situation where a player is able to make a move in this case they player is not allowed to forfeit and has to carry put the available move.

4. If a one player during the game happens to run out of discs their competitor must supply them with one of their own discs. This can occur at any time during the game and for an unlimited amount of times.

5. The game is classed as over when there are no more available moves to be made, and the winner is labelled as the one who has the highest quantity of there colour on the board.

Notes on playing Reversi

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