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Shamrocks Solitaire

Shamrocks is a solitaire card game that is from the same family as Cruel and La Belle Lucie. Like La Belle Lucie and Cruel, it is a pile based game where the player moves cards between the piles. Unlike those games, there is no mechanism to redistribute or shift around all the cards in the piles when the player gets stuck. What makes Shamrocks a lot of fun is that almost all games are solvable.

Set up

The cards are dealt into 17 piles of 3 cards, and a single card dealt into it's own pile. The foundations are off to the right, and

Moving cards between piles

Shamrocks solitaire is very flexable about building. You can build a pile up or down, without regard to suit. You can also wrap from King to Ace. However, there are a few rules that make this game very challenging. First, no pile may have more than 3 cards in it. This means you start with very little flexability because there is only one pile that has less than 3 cards at the beginning. You'll need to do what you can to move cards to the foundations early to give yourself a little more freedom of movement. The second challenging rule, is that once you remove a pile, it is gone for good. This rule is a carry over from Cruel and La Belle Lucie, and makes the game an extra challenge. You need to remove the cards by putting them in the foundations, but you have to be very careful not to remove too many of the piles because doing so will reduce your ability to make moves in the future.


The foundations in Shamrocks are pretty standard as far as solitaire games go. You need to start them with an Ace, and build them up to kings by suit. Like in most solitaire games, you win the game when all four foundations have been buillt up from Ace to King.


What ever you do, if the card that is in a pile by itself at the beginning is an Ace, don't move it to the foundation. I've made this mistake and it's an instant game ender. In general, you want to try and keep the last card in the pile around as long as you can. This gives you a little more flexability to move. At times you will have to move the card to the foundation, but make sure you have a game plan to free up spaces in other piles to compensate.

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