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Sokoban has been credited as being a transport puzzle where the player needs to move around numerous crates inside the setting of a warehouse to specific destinations for the purpose of storage. Created by the Japanese game writer Hiroyuki Imabayashi in the 1980s, Sokoban has become a timeless classic over its thirty year lifespan due to its simplicity and elegance in gameplay.

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How to play Sokoban

When you enter the game you will come across a warehouse shed which has been transformed into a maze of sorts, there will are also be crates or stones that are scattered around in various locations. In additional to the crates there should be little coloured spots visible in the virtual warehouse. In this game you have been given the role of warehouse worker and it's your task to move the crates so that they all are posited on a coloured dot.

You will only be able to move one box at a time and in the capacity of pushing the box not pulling. How you move around is wholly dependent on the platform that you are playing Sokoban on. For these particular circumstances I will use the computer for my example, which typically calls on the player to use the arrow keys or the mouse to move around the warehouse.

A specific mechanism of Sokoban is that players are unable to move through the crates or walls though it's important to note that in specific levels players will need to push parts of the wall which will transform it into a floor tile effectively making the puzzle solvable.

The game of Sokoban is arcade in appearance but it calls on the player's ability to think logically and analytically, as this game is still embedded into the puzzle genre.

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