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Typing Shooter

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Typing Shooter requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

You must have the current version of the adobe flash player to play this online typing shooter game.

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Typing Aliens Attack

Ok, so Typing Aliens Attack isn't exactly a puzzle game, but it is fun, and it does improve a useful skill, namely typing. If you are just learning how to type, or trying to improve your skills, give Typing Aliens Attack a try. I promise you won't regret it.

Home Keys

When learning to type it's important to understand the concept of home keys. When you are typing, you shouldn't hunt and peck with your fingers... although at first this may seem like the best way to go. What you should do is take your left and and place your pinkey on the 'a' key, your ring finger on the 's' key, your middle finger on the 'd' key, and your index finger on the 'f' key. your thumb should then come to rest on the space bar. With your right hand, place your index finger on the 'j' key, your middle finger on the 'k' key, your ring finer on the 'l' key, and your pinky finger on the ';' key. When you want to type one of these letters, simply depress the finger that the letter is over.

The other keys

If you want to press one of the keys that are between the home keys (g or h) slide your index finger in from the home key it is on to press it. If you want to press a key that is above one of the home keys, simply move your finger up from the closest home key to press down the key you want. Likewise if you want to press a key that is below the home keys, curl your finger down and press the key from the finger that is on the closest home key.

Practice, practice, practice

Yeah, I know, it's harder than I'm making it sound. The real secret is to get good finger positioning, and then practice practice practice. That's where Typing Aliens Attack comes into the picture. Once you are able to keep your fingers on the home keys, Typing Aliens Attacks has you blasting aliens while typing the most common words in the English language. The thing about typing is that after you get pretty good at it you no longer focus on typing single letters, but rather on typing whole words. With this game we put typing common words into a fun arcade environment so that you can greatly improve your typeing skills.

Have fun :-)

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